Hero will be the interface of the next AI social network that we are building at Maslo. Neo is the beta short-term version of the future Hero, a progress toward socially understanding and empathetic AI.

As I explain in this previous document, to simulate social and individual dynamics we choose to use a combination of machine-learning and time based equations (recursive loop). The goal is to generate a growing personality (machine learning) around an adaptable behavior based on the user flow (cyclical time based equation). …

Let’s see how we can create multi-modal conversations with GPT by implementing a memory block and injecting user sentiment data into a chat conversation.


At the end of each session user session, save the profile data. Creating an identity means persistence between sessions, permanence. You will later inject it in the context of the conversation with your bot.

Extract user profile information from this conversation:Human: Hello, who are you?
AI: I am an AI created by OpenAI. How can I help you today?
Human: I am going to give you some information about me.
AI: OK, I'll wait.
Human: my name is Greg

The nobody

This week I have been told by different humans that my life was not real, and that I have not done an actual “thing”.

I have never felt so intellectually self-sufficient. I wouldn’t say my way of life these days is anything made of sobriety or discipline or any consistent practice. I touch a little bit of everything and none of anything. I move inside, inside of this lazy body, too addicted, too moody. I feel the edges. I don’t need to be told or described or explained what I am, because I ain’t. I am not…

We are here using maslo.ai technology to generate narrative visuals from simple shapes and forms with evocative features. The original images elaborated by Molly Bang have been crafted to engage potent emotional response from the reader. Let us see how the Paiper algorithm can summon meaning and stories out of those emotionally charged gold nuggets.

The map of the research. How the input evolves over time. To be read bottom-right to top-left.

Let’s start with a walk through the woods. You can read top to bottom now.

The development of The Hyper Object Web.

(in progress)

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What if non of us had the answer?

All those ideas, all those visions.

What if the ideation was already dooming a project to lead nowhere.

What if the only innovation was happening exactly in our most unconscious moment?

All prescribed future is pathological.

Humans can not express universal fairness. They can only express the line on which they stand between courage and escapism. The simple existence of an idea inside our mind is no more than a repetition of an existing world, with all its inequalities and cruelties. Non of us can save the world from our own accord. …


Months a quarantine from Covid-19, protests and riots in front of rising inequalities, crumbling economy, mediatic chaos, oppressive technologies, uncertain future.

The pressure to DO something is huge. Privileged people cannot ignore the price of their situation anymore, everybody must participate in the common effort. But what effort>

This pressure is very real. physical stress in the body, tensions, restlessness. emotional roller-coaster, fear, guilt. intellectual doubt, confusion, existential crisis. Toward what world are we going?

It is very normal that we shall desire to use this energy. We feel compelled to ACT in any way we can, in order…

I claim that it is what most spiritual communities are pursuing. Monastic groups of any kind are consciousness gravitational poles. They regulate the ups and downs of human civilization around a grounded consciousness anchor. Grounded because resting on complete awareness of Humanity.

.Living beings are consciousness cells.

Having no agency

What changes between someone present (awake) and someone asleep (mechanical)? Let’s start by setting up a referential. You spend a part your life listening, and another part of your life talking (or doing). When you’re listening, you’re doing a work of impression. When you’re talking you’re doing a work of expression. Expressing means…


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