The Work and the Purpose of the Work

Having gathered all my focus and all my actions in one place, I started experiencing feelings, understandings and even visions of a new kind. Deeper thoughts and deeper feelings which were not bounded by the constant changes of directions and contradictions of my usual emotional cycle and my intellectual loops started to emerge. Those thoughts and feelings seemed to appear more progressively and less reactively that the usual “I enjoy this”, “this hurts me”, “I agree”, “I disapprove”. They didn’t seem to take their substance from the context of the situations I was going through but from the alignment of all that which was composing the situation. Including me, my observation, and all the environment. By aligning with the cycle of Life, by dancing with the pendulum, my own intention was surviving the synchronicity and the unsynchronicity of myself with my environment. My Will wasn’t broken apart at each collision with the intricatedness and unpredictability of reality, it was at the contrary feeding from it, using it to find its own self. From this, an opened landscape devoid of obstacles seemed to clear out in the fog of my life. My devotion to this new work and my belief in the importance and the urgency to initiate it was itself creating a higher realm of possibilities. The deep knowing that my intent was here carrying me, unaffected by the illusions, the traps and temptations because it had seen and felt the unfulfilling deceptions of life, felt the hard burning mark of ignorance on the flesh. I say the flesh because this information was by now imprinted deeper than the rational knowing, it was felt deep in the chest and loud in the crane. I had to live forward or die backward. Starve the ego and feed the soul. The trust that my entire Being desired by now a different kind of life, that in fact this life was the ONLY ONE TO BE DESIRED and that nothing else could ever give me this taste again, crystallized an alertness inside of me. A silent witness stepped in my life.

The Witness

From this new relationship to my self and all its different manifestations to the world, I was seeing with clarity what my creature needed from the world and what the world needed from my creature. I was able to slowly, with patience, find the compass in myself and progressively plug my creature to experiences which were making the light go brighter, to adapt to the flow of experiences which were proposed by life and by keeping a eye on the light and the other one on the world I could find the balance that my creature was craving in the dark. Wiring myself to another source of stimulation, not the one which creates desire and jealousy but the other one, I was opening a window to a different life. This life was not dictated by the appeal of drugs, sex and fame or any of the toxic tricks of the system, it was dictated by my own energy. This light inside me became the only thing that my creature really wanted to obey. Meaning that the world had revealed so many contradictions in me, so many different I’s, so much blindness and so much self-deception, that the only force able to unify all those I’s could only come from the inside. But this force needed to be awaken for it fell asleep a long time ago. This awakening started without my consent of course when the foundations of my reality shook brutally under the collision of my dream with someone else’s dream. But it didn’t escape the everlasting cycles of life and didn’t miss to fade away like a ripple in the water. Echoing through my whole being, this ripple started resonating with other ripples outside.

The Message from the Witness

Time was not a line anymore falling into oblivion with the rest of Humanity, it was simply nothing at all. There was only the present moment, a giant hall of a thousand doors extending across all the spectrum of emotions, colors, experiences, people, love, life. Time ceased to exist. There was only that light and the visions it was projecting around me. The mesh of global consciousness, the fractal ocean of symbiotic life flowing through all our words, all our actions. The possibility to move through that ocean and to choose the world that we want and simply start walking toward it. The Realization that this world of love and harmony is ours for the taking. That it is not impossible nor unlikely but actually attainable right here and now for starting to walk toward it is already plunging into the Essence of this better world. And that by starting to work on it that world already becomes yours wholly because there is no inevitable doom. There is only you and the world you choose to inhabit. The belief creates your reality. The manipulation of the media on the global “certainty” of an imminent doom project us unto that reality. This doesn’t mean that we must ignore the reality of the present situation, but we must not let it define our world of tomorrow. We must not let if frame our perspective or orient our life toward an impulsive reaction of fear or false expectation but use it to adapt our flow in the moment. The opportunity of a better life and the way to get there will emerge from our capacity to maintain our flow now. Tomorrow does not belong to us. Only the present moment. And from our capacity to flow in the present moment will emerge BY ITSELF the revelation of a better world. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday. There is US, there is NOW, and there is the FLOW.