• Claudine Petelot

    Claudine Petelot

  • Yegor Mytrofanov

    Yegor Mytrofanov

    Co-founder & COO at @ZajnoCrew. We are specializing in creating mobile & web applications that help your business grow. hello@zajno.com

  • Spencer Cappiello

    Spencer Cappiello

  • Marzhin D

    Marzhin D

    Human Rights Law LL.M & Global Governance MSc

  • Naoto Hieda

    Naoto Hieda

  • Ross Ingram

    Ross Ingram

    Curious about identity, perspective, and motivation.

  • Nadia Piet

    Nadia Piet

    Designer & researcher focussed on AI/ML, data, digital culture & the human condition mediated through computing

  • Caleb Slain

    Caleb Slain

    Writer, director, VR prospector. Creator of Flowstate. Difficult to locate.

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