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  • Beau Johnson

    Beau Johnson

    Progressive Education Pontification | Creator of Imagined Places

  • Naoto Hieda

    Naoto Hieda

  • Kamel Gazzaz

    Kamel Gazzaz

    Cognitive Research Scientist exploring the mind and building passionate research communities at Maslo

  • Caleb Slain

    Caleb Slain

    Writer, director, VR prospector. Creator of Flowstate. Difficult to locate.

  • Cansu Hızlı

    Cansu Hızlı

    Experimental UX Designer at Maslo and trying to discover new design practices to establish better relationships with empathetic companions-R&D on Empathetic AI

  • Tiana Cornelius

    Tiana Cornelius

    AI / ML Researcher and Engineer, passionate about AI Product, Ethics and Deep Learning

  • Marzhin D

    Marzhin D

    Human Rights Law LL.M & Global Governance MSc

  • Russell Foltz-Smith

    Russell Foltz-Smith

    I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. http://www.worksonbecoming.com/about/ I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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