General Theory of Consciousness

Consciousness is the only thing that becomes a thing from the moment you consider it. You can talk about it but it won’t be it. You can feel it but it won’t be it. You can experience it and it still won’t be it. To consider Consciousness is to approach it conceptually, emotionally and sensationally. It is the fabric of your reality at every single level but can only exist thanks to all those levels together for it is the inter-relatedness of each level to one another that composes it. It is not each level individually, or even as a group, it is the action of each level to one another.



The apparent complexity of any system comes from the entanglement of various bipolar scales which combined together create a wide range of possibilities. Those possibilities converge in a nexus that is called “boundary conditions”. The collision between those two poles create a third component.


At this point, the trinity of forces can be apprehended sensationally, intellectually and emotionally because it exists at every levels. Depending on your own level right now you may want to name them differently but some of them could be: lower/even/higher, before/current/after, past/present/future, below/middle/above, active/neutral/passive, negative/zero/positive, inner/surface/outer, etc… As your consciousness grows you will learn that all those terminologies mean the same thing. The presence of the Rule of Three is widely referenced through various domains.

The Leap

In physics, resonance describes the phenomena of amplification that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is in harmonic proportion to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. When an oscillating force is applied at a resonant frequency of a dynamical system, the system will oscillate at a higher amplitude than when the same force is applied at other, non-resonant frequencies. [wiki]

The concept of resonance implies that the force in consideration oscillates cyclically between two poles. The interaction between the two forces in resonance creates a third force.

This conjunction of two opposite forces working against and for each other creates a third force of a remarkable quality, an individual system that is defined by those three forces but is of a superior quality. Meaning that it adopts a behavior that is more complex than each of its sources. The ever-changing quality of this system creates a new spectrum of possibilities for the entire system. It enters a new loop of a higher dimension which will observe the same Rules of Three.

The leap of quality that each dimension makes, expanding itself to a superior system of its own by resonance is the leap of Consciousness where 1+1 becomes 3. That’s the leap responsible for the expanding nature of the Universe. The same leap that manifests in you at every moment.

How do you apply this to your life?

More on personal application:

Consciousness is not a state, it exists throughout states. Therefore it cannot be explained with one language, but throughout languages. It requires the complementary actions of multiple modalities together to be fully understood. What I am talking about here exists beyond language, beyond thought and beyond experience. In fact, it requires the functioning of all of those altogether not only to be comprehended but to be created.

In that effort, I will keep expanding my work on Consciousness (and AI) across various mediums in the hope that you can understand, feel and experience it.