Tech in the Era of White Savior


Months a quarantine from Covid-19, protests and riots in front of rising inequalities, crumbling economy, mediatic chaos, oppressive technologies, uncertain future.

The pressure to DO something is huge. Privileged people cannot ignore the price of their situation anymore, everybody must participate in the common effort. But what effort>

This pressure is very real. physical stress in the body, tensions, restlessness. emotional roller-coaster, fear, guilt. intellectual doubt, confusion, existential crisis. Toward what world are we going?

It is very normal that we shall desire to use this energy. We feel compelled to ACT in any way we can, in order to get rid of this pressure, to feel better as individuals and society. We go protest, we speak about changing the world, we think very hard. But of those initiatives, what comes from a genuine selfless place of wanting to help? And what comes from a selfish desire to get rid of the unease as fast as possible and move on? Or the peer pressure? Or the conformism? Why do you do what you do everyday, really?

What do we want for our future? What should happen? How do we help? How are we of service?

We must realize that we do not have the answers.

and be ok with it. not just today, but tomorrow too. And the day after. Forever.

Our western system has been built from a problem solving answer to our incapacity to hold the pain of the world. We outsource the work that we have to do ourselves into the system, the machines, the minorities. It is the same logic that repeats itself to this day. And by consequence this work, however benevolent it might be, 1: does not fulfill us or its purpose, 2: creates more inequalities.

The White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice. It is about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege.

The pain is real. Nowadays everybody feels it. But how can the privileged who hasn’t faced hardship can give lessons/solutions about handling hardship? There is pretension in thinking that we have the answer to how the world behaves. It is escapism to refuse to hold your inner-conflict and suffering in order to create a tool for the world to escape it as well.

The question is not how do we change the world? It is how can we avoid fucking-up the world by thinking that we can change it?

We cannot stop building. It is certain. But we can stop SOLVING the world.

To not build a future based on your “vision”, but to build the non-future, the future of all possibilities. In which you realize that your ideas are shit compared to what the universe has prepared for you. In which you awaken to the possibilities that you are not aware of, and allow them to emerge. To detach from this sacred obsession that you develop toward everything you make.

To build our bettering as humans, not to devote ourselves to a fantasy product but to simply WORK. To not build society up but to build ourselves down as egocentric individuals, so we can be free from ourselves, from assumptions, expectations from our incessant guilt and fear, not crushed under a pile of ego and materialism.

To face our own powerlessness, our own nothingness, our incapability to create a fair world is to detach from our superior ego, to become free and in need of less. Less of those ideas, of this guilt, of these privileges, doubts, suffering and torments which are contained in the technologies we make and ends up perpetuating it. To be HUMBLE.

Positive change can only happen from a deep place of humility and powerlessness. Positive change can only happen from inside us.

In my group, Maslo, we show all our tech and leave it open-source because it is not the real products. Those are only artifacts of our real work: our lives. Our capacity to take-in, to be impressed, fascinated, driven but also to be unsure, confused, worried but to keep going, to change, adapt and become. The product may only inspire people to endeavor that change, but not change them. We build our trouble away so we can be free and allow freedom around us.

Do not buy our toys. Come to unlearn.