What if non of us had the answer?

All those ideas, all those visions.

What if the ideation was already dooming a project to lead nowhere.

What if the only innovation was happening exactly in our most unconscious moment?

Humans can not express universal fairness. They can only express the line on which they stand between courage and escapism. The simple existence of an idea inside our mind is no more than a repetition of an existing world, with all its inequalities and cruelties. Non of us can save the world from our own accord. The emergence of coherence will always be a moment of fate.

Both scientific and artistic processes are iterations of falsification. They are manifested reductions in order to be devalued, thrown away. We create frames in order to outgrow them. We create our own challenges in order to grow ourselves. If a frame is created without being unframed, it becomes pathogen. We get stuck. We then must re-frame. Therefore all frames vehiculate pathologies. Only becoming saves. Meaning, a frame can be considered “good” if it allows itself to be unframed. A system must allow its own destruction.

The future announced by the innovation industry (or any announced future) must not be perpetuated. It must be unframed in order to allow for the unconscious future to rise up. The work behind the project of the century is a work of unframing. But even this work must be unframed. Even unframing must be unframed.

From this acceptation of our finitude, we may allow the world to decide of its own fate, of which we will simply be humble artisans, free minds, universal spirits of tomorrow, today.